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Safety Council Discount Program & Participation Requirements

The Ohio Division of Safety and Hygiene is providing eligible Ohio businesses with the opportunity to receive up to 4 percent off their workers’ compensation premiums.

Members of NEOSC who are not currently participating in a group-rating program are eligible to receive a 2 percent discount off their workers' compensation premiums by attending at least 10 safety meetings. An additional 2 percent discount can be achieved by reducing either the severity or frequency of injuries by 10 percent, or by keeping them both at zero. Group Experience Rated Employers are eligible to earn 2 percent performance bonus rebate for reduction in accident frequency or severity.

To qualify for the Safety Council Discount, employers must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Join NEOSC by July 31, 2019
  2. Must not be participating in a group-rating program
  3. Attend at least 10 NEOSC meetings*
  4. Send a qualified senior-level manager (CEO) to at least one NEOSC meeting
  5. Submit semi-annual accident reports for the 2019 calendar year

* At least 8 of the meetings must be offered by NEOSC. Members are able to receive credit for up to 2 safety council meetings by attending Workers’ Compensation University, Ohio Safety Congress & Expo, or a training class offered through the Division of Safety and Hygiene.

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